HF Automatic tuner mit Arduino

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HF Automatic tuner mit Arduino

Beitrag von DD8JM » Do Feb 16, 2017 9:32 am

Ein Projekt mit Arduino zur Steuerung eines HF-Automatischen Tuners, gefunden im Internet von Klaus - DL2HY

Generally Automatic Atu are very expensive.

However the atu is composed essentially of relays commanding inductors and capacitors. Most of the time the L match circuit is used. For several months I have been thinking about a way to make one around an Arduino and using economic cards. It will not be necessary to spend more than 70$ for an ATU of 100W.

In addition it can be installed outdoors and controlled remotely by an rs485 link

ATU characteristics:

Modular design.
Up to 100W or more (not tested)
Tandem match detector
Arduino nano CPU.
Remote controller by RS485
Balun integrated symmetric and asymmetric output
Can be installed outdoors
SWR and POWER meter.
Ajustable trigger power (lower than 1W)
Simple protocol between ATU and remote control
Cost 70$ max without box

The ATU is based on modular cards:

12V Relais x8 (two cards)
12V Relais x2
4×20 LCD display.
PCF8574 expander.
Specials PCB for detector

https://hamprojects.wordpress.com/2016/ ... /#more-848
Die Bässe breit die Höhen schmal das ist der Funk aus Wuppertal.